Text Me Maybe?

We held each other and I cried while he muttered his frustrations and adorably convoluted  insecurities to me. It was an emotionally confusing night and we were both in some weird negative limbo, weighing each other down. We tried to kiss, but he inhaled my tears and choked a little. “What if I drown in your tears?” I think he was joking and I laughed because we were so absurdly awkward that it was perfect. I kissed him back and he escorted me to the light rail in his gentlemanly way. He waited with me for the train and saw me off. That was the end of our relationship I guess. 

We texted each other the next day and decided to “take a break” I really miss him but I know it’s for the best. 

Peace to all the broken hearts. We’ll get our time someday.