The Gratefulness​ Journal

Everything is hot. The air, the pavement, myself. I feel like I live in an oven. 

At least I am alive to feel the heat. I have a mind to use, hands to use. I have a job which doesn’t pay so well, but is actually really fun. 

Thank you for this new day and for every new day after. I hope to always keep in mind that life may suck because of circumstance, but it’s my reaction and my actions that I have some power over. All I can do today is be grateful for the life I have and take yet another step to move forward. 

If I get burnt, I hope the fire changes me in to something better. 


Author: muffinface

Hi there! You may call me Muffinface. I am a twenty something introvert who loves art, food and people. I want to be better tomorrow at what ever I wasn't good at today. I want to encourage people to laugh at themselves and move forward.

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