The Very First Bloggie 

This is the post excerpt.


Tis I! Your average harried minion hailing from the realm of retail. What a day it was. Honestly I do enjoy my job. I’m glad to even have a job! It’s just been one of those days. 

I always ask myself what I could have done better. Today I could have taken the extra work with a little more cheer. Pep it up in the store!

 So someone didn’t finish what they were supposed to, leaving the rest of us to deal with it. That person’s actions are not in my control, but my reaction and actions are in my control. Next time that happens, rejoice I say! More work?? I’ll ask if I can stay longer to finish it. Hah.

Now, on to projects! 

These are my materials so far: tiny wood panels, clear gesso and clear glaze. I have acrylic and oil paint. Methinks both will be applied in a happy frenzy sometime soon.

Lately I’ve been enjoying simple things. Flowers for example, so unoriginal! Everyone has painted or drawn a flower at some point in their life, but what can I say, I like flowers. I also like pie. Egg pie. 

Author: muffinface

Hi there! You may call me Muffinface. I am a twenty something introvert who loves art, food and people. I want to be better tomorrow at what ever I wasn't good at today. I want to encourage people to laugh at themselves and move forward.

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